Join us in PORTLAND, OR

July 31 - August 2, 2020 
Afterglow Yoga Portland

500 NE 28th Street

 Be free of judgments and inhibitions.

Release all of our old beliefs.

Let go of our fears of inadequacy.

Emerge as the strongest,
most beautiful version of our divine femininity.
Shake off everything that's not your SOUL. 

In Hinduism the word "Shakti" means "empowerment" or "power" and is the concept of the personification of the divine feminine creative power. ShaktiRize provides a powerful and transformative learning environment that has helped countless women step into their feminine power.


This weekend-long training will explore the physical foundational movements seen in ShaktiRize classes including tribal dance, kundalini yoga, salsa, samba, and more! 

Emotionally and spiritually we will be going deep into our history of what it means to be a women throughout the evolution of our bodies, culture, and time. We will be peeling back layers of self and learning to trust ourselves again so we can trust other women. This weekend will help us to remember that there is no bond like the bond you cultivate with yourself first and then share with other women.

Upon completion, course graduates will be certified to teach Shaktirize classes to the women in their community. They will also have access to our super secret ShaktiSisters Portal for ongoing support featuring: weekly playlists, instructor teaching tools, class plans and first pick at upcoming events.


EARLY GIRL Price: $425 until 6/30

$500 Regular Pricing after 6/30


SCHEDULE - Portland, OR:

  • Friday 7/31:  12pm-5pm  

  • Saturday 8/1: 11am-9pm (healthy dinner will be included this evening for participants)

  • Sunday 8/2: 9am-12pm at outdoor location near to studio, to be announced (Weather Dependent)

Why wait to become the women you want to be?

Let her RIZE UP! Join our expanding group of ShaktiRize teachers in our certification class.

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